Presepsin: Hope in the Quest for the Holy Grail

With one person dying every 2.8 seconds from it worldwide, sepsis is a major public health problem and a leading cause of hospitalization and mortality in infants and children.1,2 Being a clinical syndrome rather than a disease per se, sepsis significantly contributes to preventable mortality and morbidity across different diseases. Fighting sepsis is an indispensable component of realizing several targets of the health-related sustainable development goal 3, especially those concerning reduction of maternal, child, and neonatal mortality.3 Early detection and timely, appropriate antimicrobial therapy are paramount for improving outcomes. These in turn involve several crucial processes like screening, diagnosis, prognosis (risk stratification), monitoring of therapeutic response, and the determination of optimal duration of antimicrobial therapy where clinical judgment alone may not yield right and timely answers.

Keywords: Biomarker, Mortality, Presepsin, Sepsis.