Presepsin as a Diagnostic and Prognostic Biomarker in Sepsis

A PubMed search was conducted on December 2020 using the terms ‘presepsin in sepsis’ as “Title/Abstract”
or as “MeSH Terms”. The structure of the search in the “Search details” window of the PubMed website was
presepsin [All Fields] AND ("sepsis"[MeSH Terms] OR "sepsis"[All Fields]). The literature search was limited
to articles referring only to adult patients and the extracted bibliography was further searched for more
related publications, by hand search of the references of retrieved articles. Studies focusing exclusively on
postoperative patients were excluded as the value of presepsin measurement in this population would best
be evaluated separately, with studies grouped based on the type of surgical procedure. Only manuscripts
written in the English language were included in this review.