Presepsin (soluble CD14 subtype) and procalcitonin levels for mortality prediction in sepsis: data from the Albumin Italian Outcome Sepsis trial

Introduction: Sepsis, a leading cause of death in critically ill patients, is the result of complex interactions between the infecting microorganisms and the host responses that influence clinical outcomes. We evaluated the prognostic value of presepsin (sCD14-ST), a novel biomarker of bacterial infection, and compared it with procalcitonin (PCT).

Serge Masson, Pietro Caironi, Eberhard Spanuth, Ralf Thomae, Mauro Panigada, Gabriela Sangiorgi, Roberto Fumagalli, Tommaso Mauri, Stefano Isgrò, Caterina Fanizza, Marilena Romero, Gianni Tognoni, Roberto Latini, and Luciano Gattinoni, on behalf of the ALBIOS Study Investigators

Masson et al. Critical Care 2014, 18:R6